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Josa Organic Sanitary Pads - Regular Flow

Josa Organic Sanitary Pads - Regular Flow

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Best Period Pad for Regular Flow

These come in a 16 pads pack offering you a safer, healthier, and more comfortable period experience.

Each pad is individually packed in its own pouch for easy use on-the-go. With 3 variations available, you can choose the perfect level of absorbency for your needs.

Made with 100% organic cotton, our pads are free from chemicals, synthetic materials, and dyes, providing maximum protection without irritation.

Our eco-friendly pads are also biodegradable and compostable, making them better for you and the environment.

Experience Full Protection with Our Chemical-Free & Organic Formula

Plant-based top sheet - Soft and breathable, this layer keeps you comfortable and dry.

Anti-bacterial chip - Contains a natural antibacterial agent to prevent the growth of bacteria and odor.

Air-laid cotton layer - Highly absorbent and quickly draws in moisture to keep you dry.

Leak-proof layer - Prevents any leaks and keeps you feeling confident.

Plant-based back sheet provide a secure and comfortable fit.

Plant Glue - made from natural, plant-derived materials, as opposed to synthetic or chemical-based adhesives.

We take pride in our commitment to providing high-quality and eco-friendly menstrual products. Josa Pads 16 pad pack is perfect for anyone looking for a healthier and more sustainable option for their menstrual needs.

Try our Biodegradable Pads Today and Experience the Difference for Yourself.


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