Josa Pads

At Josa Pads, we are committed to providing every woman with affordable, high-quality & sustainable sanitary napkins. We take pride in our commitment to the planet. Our pads are made from high-quality organic materials, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience while minimizing ecological impact. By choosing our products, you contribute to reducing waste and protecting our beautiful Earth.

Mrs. Ria Patil Chandray

Josa Pads is a brand created by women, for women, and at the heart of it all is Mrs. Ria Patil Chandray. Her remarkable journey and unwavering dedication to empowering women through employment form the very essence of Josa Pads. Ria's continuous efforts and passion shine through in every aspect of the brand, making Josa Pads a symbol of women's strength, empowerment, and solidarity.

But our mission extends beyond environmental responsibility. We believe in empowering women, especially those in rural communities. Through our initiatives, we provide employment opportunities, enabling women to gain financial independence and enhance their skills. We believe in the strength and resilience of women, and we strive to support their journey towards empowerment.

By purchasing Josa Pads, you are not just investing in a superior menstrual product; you are joining a movement. A movement that seeks to promote sustainability, celebrate femininity, and uplift communities. Together, we can create a future where women and the environment thrive hand in hand.

Join us on this incredible journey and experience the joy of making a positive impact every month. Choose Josa Pads – for women, by women, for a greener and brighter future.